It is a beautiful coincidence. You were searching for a review of the latest Nikon and ended up here, right? You see, that’s one of my traits, I’ll tell you one thing, lead you in a different direction and bam! you’re so wrapped up in the confusion that you can’t possibly leave because the curiosity is just too damn much…

Well actually, I fell victim to my own game. When my journalism lecturer demanded coverage of the University basketball team’s first game of the season, I did all the usual teeth clench, blood run cold, frozen to the core type of melodramatics; when he used the term ‘mandatory’, I knew it was all over. It’s bloody difficult to hide on a minibus full of psyched-up, twice-your-size, sweaty athletes and it’s even harder to justify your ethical objection to fast food restaurants when you’re sat in KFC post-game!

Later that evening, when my nervous adrenaline finally subsided, I had one of those thoughts that you have at 12am. You know the ones, they’re AMAZING, until you wake up the next morning and realise they really aren’t, but have already sold your soul and retraction is not an option. So, now my story goes a little like this—

Official press officer for the Buckingham Barons… okay that’s a self-given title, I really just follow them around with a camera, put 90’s hip hop tracks to the footage and mither them SO much on social media that I think it’s approaching ‘restraining order’ territory. Isn’t that where ESPN started? Well at least I have years of experience in the basketball field to be able to handle everything professionally… oh no, that’s all new to me too. 

Right, so I can turn on a camera and am exposing myself daily to the explicit lyrics of Jay Z, Eminem and Shaggy- albeit with frequent gasps, scanning the vicinity to ensure no one else heard the profanities just murmured through my headphones. I can find my way into any accommodation building in order to plaster every notice board with flyers and am able to say ‘hi’ to the team without having to pretend that I didn’t see them or am too engrossed in the camera to notice (it was actually turned off and was just the perfect form of avoidance). Lord knows if any of them read this, my secret is out. Finally, I can say I tried damn hard to put the Baron’s on the map, but in all honesty, they did that, I just captured it on tape.

Truth time. These guys aren’t scary at all! Sure, they’re loud, animated and have the worst taste in music I ever did hear- I mean would it kill them to play a little Otis Redding on the team bus? But aren’t they also outspoken, passionate, and unique? So, you see, they actually have the makings of some pretty upstanding world leaders, life changers and Planet Earth saviours.

This is the official team blog (insert blue accreditation tick here), access all areas (if they’ll let me) and only way you’re going to witness a team sport unite the students of a small campus with themselves and the rest of the world.

Allow me to introduce you to the Barons. United by diversity. Sending our spirit global.

Sophia 🙂