The summer term away from Shooting Hoops has been eventful and to be honest not writing regularly has made me extremely anxious about losing visitors and influence in the amateur basketball writing community (because it’s so huge). The fact that I had to explore my site’s analytics as part of the social media course was a slight coincidence to my nervous disposition.

As a follow up to my previous post, the committee elections were held and… I made President!! You may be querying the lack of a drum roll; I queried the lack of opponents. Being the only Presidential candidate does not really warrant a campaign, or a celebration for that matter ahah. It’s okay though, I simply concluded that the guys were intimidated by my wealth of basketball knowledge, charm and go-get-em personality, they thought it just wasn’t worth the fight. The threats had nothing to do with it, I promise. My grade A panic disorder ensured my inauguration speech was flawless too, simply greeting club members, coaches and the sports coordinator with ‘We can totally go to Amsterdam again!’.

That was that. Presidency achieved. You should have seen the horror when I mentioned my grand idea of implementing spreadsheets to keep track of kit washing – yes, I am organised, and your worst nightmare. But, I could get used to being greeted ‘Miss President’ every time #35 walks into the room, even if it is with a slight sarcastic tone. Who’d have thought, this time last year basketball was simply ‘tall person runs, hoop in hole, everyone cheers’ now it’s basically the center of my university world… even if I do still question why they slap each other on the butt after a 3 pointer. Some questions really don’t warrant an answer.

Anyway, during the season break, a little vacation had been planned. This was to take me from London to Lake Garda and back within three days, no dramas… but ‘Situation Amsterdam’ occurred again. I struggled to reason the fact that I was sat on a plane at 7am on a chilly Friday, heading for Chicago, the city of gangsters, wind and deep-dish delights – #77 sat beside me struggling to reason what he agreed to. As this is both a basketball and photography extravaganza filled blog, there is a slant to this story – buildings are not basketball players, Chicago is not the Queens Sports Hall and baseball is a very violent spectator sport with packaged nuts being higher on the scale of avoidance than foul balls. Taking pictures of cityscapes is a whole different side of photography, the difficulty of which should not be learnt from an irate, travel-worn woman suffering severe jet-lag – apologies again to my compadre, but when you tell me I read the map wrong I WILL tell you your opinion is invalid, very invalid.

On the return, as the plane touched down, Coach sent a friendly reminder that training commences THIS TUESDAY! I have never felt so eager to hit the gym to ensure those big city donuts donut hold me back. I woke with the dawn the following morning and skipped to the gym thinking my capabilities would be the same as they were pre-deep-dish. Hella no. I clambered off the exercise bike green, panting and ready to throw up, this hurt my soul; I ventured into the weight room only to be told (very friendly and with the kindest intention) that my posture was poor, this just hurt my ego 😦 Don’t donut and gym, kids.

After ploughing through the rest of my session, with a straight back of course, I gained the right to strut home with a high head; my glutes were in shock and tilting my head back prevented the tears from rolling down my face :’) Regaining my faculties and reaching for the protein powder, I was attacked from above by the cupboard door which kindly knocked them back out. The fact that I slept 12 hours that night and the subsequent two never occurred to me as a problem until I was convinced to see a doctor who confirmed concussion – I just see it as a gift to a pleasant week of sleep. To the Barons, I promise you are all in safe hands! Maybe. Sometimes.

With a long list of socials to prep for and a society fair to drag unsuspecting happy freshers into the chaotic realm that is the UoB Basketball society, I know this term is set to be turbulent. Follow along as we get this blog rolling, hopefully recruit some more interesting personalities which I can photograph and plaster all over social media, and at the end of the day have the craziest time doing so.

Soon, we will explore the story behind Chimere’s absolute certainty at his paintballing sniper capabilities (if they hold true) and maybe even get some more profiles up. But for now, we’ll see if I can make it to practice in one piece.

See you on the flip-side interweb.

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