Well, to answer that question, god knows! I finally found one negative to the subject of last week’s post (my first photoshoot), turning up to the RAG Week charity games with all my settings completely buggered. I mean throwing-my-camera-off-a-bridge-and-have-it-run-over-by-a-car type of whacked up. After the longest 20 minutes of my life, I finally had settings that kinda resembled normality and was back to work.

So, RAG Week? Yep, every year here in Buckingham the university holds its ‘Raising and Giving Week’, in which students, societies and faculty pull together to host events that will raise as much money as possible for the chosen charities. Doing our part, Coach Wayne valiantly organised a series of basketball matches to showcase the society and create a little intrigue amongst the student-body. Whereas Coach Karl just brought some players from his other team (and our main rivals might I add), the MK Knights- can you see the angel and devil dynamic we got going on here?

As our guys rolled their eyes at the Knights’ attempts to dunk, the teams were carefully selected for the men’s game. If I’m going to be truly honest, the rivalry only made the game more interesting; the squaring up was all in good spirits and provided some amusing shots. The first match drew to an end and the ladies began warming up, basically, it got loud and fierce, and I became very scared for my life. Oh, did I not mention, this was unfortunately where I got roped in (dragged kicking and screaming). As Coach assured me the camera would survive without my direction, I nervously handed over my beloved Nikon to #77 and watched with trepidation as #35 allocated himself the role of photography director. Now, there isn’t much to tell on the game, this has nothing to do with interest, I just can’t remember any of those 15 minutes as all I recall is the blood circulating round my body at a worrying speed. My hearing sense can’t provide any assistance either as this was severely compromised by a full bench of Barons cheering on their dorky photographer (although, this did warm my heart).

Half-time rolled round and as I tried to regain my composure from the sever stage-fright, Nzenwa came running on for the pep-talk: ‘Sophia, you have to want the ball, you can’t be silent.’ I think I ought to leave that one there, it speaks for itself.

The women’s game ended and damn did those ladies put on a show! I mean daaaaaamn. We may need a little improvement before the big leagues, but we are definitely passionate, and we have far fewer petty squabbles than the guys (just saying). So, well done girls, you killed it!

Limping off the court to retrieve my rightful and far more comfortable position as all-star picture-snapper I saw #77 running up and down courtside, behind the nets, and all up in the players faces… I’d been replaced This really was a role reversal in aid of charity, plus I had the smug satisfaction of knowing he’d be having a bloody difficult time getting the camera to focus. Without a minute to breath, I’d been tricked into playing for the coach’s team in the mixed matches. Not only was I in for more humiliation, I was also considered the enemy of the guys I’d spent the past year filming thanking my lucky stars to be on the safe side of the camera.  

As #77 tired himself out running courtside, the rest of us spent the next 30 minutes playing some serious ball… well, I ran around lost for 28 and got shouted at for the remaining 2 (apparently they call it ‘constructive criticism’- I’ll constructive their criticism if they take that tone again). As the old timers skilled the younger players, I took a step back and just enjoyed the festivities, and the fact that Coach Wayne was basically dunking on everyone left, right and centre. Both coaches and their wives completely smashed it in some type of doubles dream team, if anything, I hope the future holds something similar.

But a big thank you needs to go out to all the players and spectators who took time to show up, support and give back to a world that needs a little hand. The Barons will do what they can to keep this little earth turning.

And for an outstanding grand finale, I settled down the next morning to upload the footage and explore the true extent of #77’s great adventure. It turned out all my fiddling had meant JPEG was now NEF (not readable without a costly converter) and I had 700 blurry pictures of everyone’s feet. Darnell, I think you should stick to basketball.

Have a great week 😀  

 P.S. all pictures featured were taken by #77- show him some love, he really tried!


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