Name: Adam Thomas

Height: 5’7″

Nationality: British

Age: 24

Idol Player: Steve Nash

Prep Track: Marshmellow- Silence

Earliest Memory: ‘Shooting around after school waiting to get picked up.’

Fondest Memory: ‘My first dunk, before the knees went a little dodgy.’

Adam is one of those rare players with incredible talent and, unlike some of our camera-loving Barons, is incredibly humble about the skill he possesses. All of this adds up to create a jaw-dropping performance when he makes the fast break(s) or shoots his consistent 3’s! Our player-coach, Adam understands the importance of a team as much as he understands the game, he thrives off the adrenaline of surprise but will always assist when others have a perfect opportunity to step up.

Likewise, our other Barons are often rendered speechless when #10 steps up his game. I mean just take a look at our MK Knights 2 highlights and you’ll see how Adam’s immense skill messes up the opposition… and his benched teammates!

Maybe a little quiet, don’t be deceived, Thomas’ skill speaks volumes and his respectable nature easily makes him one of the Barons cornerstones, pulling us together and demonstrating that sports ought to be played with passion not politics.

You want stats? Well, now you got them!Adam Stats 2

Adam Gif

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