Name: Nasir Olasewere

Height: 5’10”

Nationality: Nigerian

Age: 23

Idol Player: LeBron James 

Prep Track: Man of the Year – Schoolboy Q

Earliest Memory: ‘I was told I was too small and short to play basketball. But, I Went on to make my high school team, playing both junior and senior varsity, along with winning two tournaments and getting named Athlete of the Year.’

Outlook: ‘Basketball kept me going through the more difficult times, it’s my major outlet. I play to win but more importantly to have the opportunity to play with people from different parts of the world and getting to know teammates on and off the court. My closest friends are as a result of basketball’

Nasir overcame adversity to thrive at the sport he loves, and now has an impressive trail of achievements, playing for Nottingham Trent Men’s 2nd team and, of course, the Barons! His quiet and serious demeanour is just a front to psyche out the opposition, when Nasir makes a clean break you better brace yourself because nothing is getting in the way of #8 and that basket.

Nasir is a central and irreplaceable Baron, always ensuring team spirit is high and that his teammates are okay as players and individuals. Always putting 100% into every game, Nas’ ability to switch off the seriousness when a little light-hearted break is needed always ensures the less confident in the team feel appreciated, supported and assured that they ought to take every chance they get- after all, this is what got Nasir where he is now!

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