#4, you’re up!

Name: Chimere Nzenwa




Height: 6’3″

Nationality: Nigerian

Age: 21

Idol Player: Anthony Davis

Prep Track: The Greatest- Sia ft Kendrick Lamar

Greatest Memory: ‘Leading my high school tea(Capital Science Academy) to their first championship final in 3 years and winning it with the last shot.’

Outlook: ‘Winning the game fair and square.’

Sportsmanship and passion drive Chimere; team energy feeds his motivation. That final buzzer, in that last quarter, is reached solely through the adrenaline Chimere pulls from his team. If personal development was embodied by an individual, then Chimere would be your perfect mascot! You can see from game to game how much work he puts into this sport, his sport. Over the years, Chimere has progressed from your average rebounding slasher to a hard-to-beat interior/mid-range finisher. If anyone has your back on the court, it’s this guy.

Yeah these stats are pretty impressive, but it’s the unpublished ones that count to Chimere’s greatness, averaging at least 5 steals and 15 rebounds a game!

Chimere Stats

You want to watch out for a Baron to breakthrough to the big leagues? Look no further, Nzenwa is gonna be your next household name, next inspiration for all those bright-eyed little hopefuls, next athlete to cause that heart-stopping outburst of emotion court-side, and next great coach sharing his wisdom through experience and hitting you hard should you forget where your commitment to the game lies…


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