Written in collaboration with Baron #7, Justin Hullett, we are taking the blog world by storm! I’ll hand over to Justin, oh and check out his blog on Linked In.

WELCOME ALL TO THIS EXCITING BLOG POST! Get this, today’s post is written by not one… but TWO future professionals! I know pretty innovative stuff going on around here, but I must reign it in and explain the journey you are about to embark on with us today.

This joint post will go live on two separate blogs: Sophia Rooke’s “Shooting Hoops with a Nikkon”, as well as Justin Hullett’s (me) “Failures” blog.

Sophia is pretty much your average stalker, watching, taking pictures and making GIF’s of the University of Buckingham’s basketball team. From her intrusive behaviour, Sophia is able to create uniquely entertaining coverage of a sports team from a completely amateur perspective. Sophia can explain what my blog is about, only fair after I called her a stalker… the truth hurts!

My turn! Hey, I’m the aforementioned stalker, Sophia. So yeah, this post has got me so excited, collaboration is life, right? Justin Hullett is one interesting individual, jack of all trades, master of none… NONE. Okay, I’m gonna regret that one later. But in all honesty, I have never met an individual so passionate about everything, from business to basketball and all the way to Doritos. Justin’s blog really is a breakthrough in my eyes, the concept of writing about immense success through the perspective of failure is an oxymoron even the sharpest of tac couldn’t fathom! I learn so much from this stand-up citizen, and I hope you will too.

Justin’s back now! We have decided to mesh our subjects to create a fun activity for the both of us. My goal this week was to post about my mistake of taking on the task of starting a business as an individual without the support of a team. But, Sophia is currently creating player profiles and could really use a lively, yet practical, post to bring the team together with an identity. So, together, we created a team management analysis on the Buckingham Barons to see which player fits each team role!

Belbin Team Roles is a simple management theory about how team behaviour. According to this theory, there are nine different profiles displayed in the workplace. Everybody has a natural preference that fits into a team, and some may have more than one role that they switch between. A successful team will have all these roles filled by somebody. We’re going to see if this professional theory works for our basketball team by pairing a Baron with a personality type. I’ll pass you over to Sophia to detail the fine-tuning! 


Darnell’s inquisitive nature leads him to unthought of ideas that he valiantly brings back to the team.

You’ll often find his outgoing and enthusiastic nature to be contagious as he explores opportunities and is the only player to smile through adverse situations. You need a boost after a loss, look no further, Darnell has you covered!

However, some might say Darnell is over-optimistic, sometimes losing interest once the initial rush of adrenaline has subsided. But this is their problem, not his, as Darnell gives 100% on and off the bench, even if he occasionally forgets where he should be on court.

We all get a little lost sometimes, but Darnell’s explorative personality always brings him back to the court with a new burst of positivity… eventually.


What Ed lacks in court time, he makes up for in team spirit! Never missing a game or a training session, and often the first player to board the team bus, Ed raises the quality of sportsmanship to a whole new level. Our toughest training can wipe out the strongest Baron’s athlete, who will fall under the might of the burpee… not Ed, he may be unresponsive, hugging the floor for a good time afterwards, but he sees it through to the bitter end.

Ed’s enthusiastic nature, from the bench to the burpee, helps the team to gel as they all appreciate the team player concept a little more. He is Co-operative, perceptive and diplomatic. Most importantly, Ed listens, something we seem to lack at the best of times. Although he may show a little indecisiveness, the team pull together to ensure Ed gets his five minutes of game fame every single time.

Nasir is quiet, placid and avoids unnecessary confrontation at all costs. Some of our players are known for being a little reactive, but Nas, being a Baron’s veteran, reminds us all why we’re here: united under our love for the game.

Caught in the intensity of the moment, Nas may show a little hesitation and make decisions unpopular with the rest of the team. However, this is often meticulously calculated and intentional as he may move slow, but this is what catches out the opposition. When he gets the ball, it really is anyone’s guess what he’s going to do to get it to the basket.

Nas is a key team player on the court too as his consistent energetic outlook means he is often free to receive the ball and hold onto it until another player can accept and make the shot. Although not always the one to have the golden basket, without Nas’ input on court, the ball would have a difficult time making it to the hoop.


Although the Belbin’s model states a coordinator is mature, Perez has an immature quality that suits him far better and serves the team more than a grown-up outlook ever would. His confidence and youthful outlook helps to bring others out of their shell and onto centre court! When it really counts, Perez always pulls through, clarifying game plans and identifying player strengths and weaknesses to enhance overall performance.

Unfortunately, Perez may seem a little over-invested in the game at times, often taking on the burden of multiple players, leaving himself stressed and worried about the outcome. This can result in a distant Perez who may find difficulty getting his head back on court.

Nevertheless, Perez always reigns it in and directs the team with out-and-out selflessness. The Baron’s would lack direction without this champion coordinator!


Now, calling someone a ‘plant’ may seem a little harsh but we have good reasoning and the outcome is far less insulting than expected!

Adam is extremely calculated and often appears socially reserved from the situation; don’t be fooled, this is planned calculation. He takes a step back and analyses the situation from a perspective that other team members fail to see. Adam is creative in his plays and solves multiple problems in unconventional ways that often see him charging through the opposition to secure the holiest of all lay-ups.

It may be said that Adam is often too wrapped up in strategic planning to communicate effectively, but people often forget the fact that words aren’t required to be a problem-solver. He speaks through his skill and his teammates never fail to understand his subtle direction.

Adam’s imaginative thought process has put many points on the score board and despite Belbin’s official description, he never forgets!  


The fresher of the team, Paolo offers innovative ideas driven by a determination to prove himself as a true Baron. His second home being the hardcourt, hours of practice highlight this newbie’s quest for perfectionism and finesse, which is always shown on court.

Being able to disconnect emotionally from the team is one of this young star’s key attributes as he can weigh up options in a purely logical manner. However, it can sometimes lead Paolo down a self-motivated path where he lacks the ability to inspire his teammates.

All-in-all, by work ethic alone, Paolo has immense potential and solely needs to work on his ability to remain focussed without losing sight of the bigger picture when on court.


With years of basketball under his belt, Justin brings in-depth knowledge of the game to the team. His dedication and single-mindedness enable him to remain focussed on and off court both in games and at practice. Justin’s specialist skills, developed through his vast experience, sees him possessing a hyper-awareness of surroundings, cutting down critical time during games.

Although his meticulous analysis is vital to improvement, Justin can sometimes become too wrapped up in decisions made, particularly when they don’t pan out, often dwelling on technicalities.

This specialist can overload teammates with information, but only has the best intentions and will never forfeit an opportunity to develop and nurture the Baron’s great potential.


Nasir is the underdog of the Barons, often blending into the usual formation during plays until he sees his opportunity. When he strikes, the opposition never know what’s hit, with strategies exhaustively worked through to an incomparable efficiency, Nas’ break outs are so explosive that a trail of destruction is all that remains- plus those points on the scoreboard.

Reliable and practical go hand in hand with this implementer as his actions are always well formulated, even if this means he must take a few solo risks, Nas gets the job done.

Although his risk-taking brings him many credits, Nas can sometimes be a little inflexible when presented with a new role but, with time to adjust, he always takes on this new challenge to come back to fighting speed.


Chris’ domineering stature to his booming voice mean there is never a silent moment when #1 is around. The team never dare to slack under his watchful eye as Chris will hit you hard, providing the necessary drive to keep the team moving at a momentous pace- anything less than 100% effort is not admissible with this guy!

Brought up with intense and upstanding morals, Chris understands the ethic of hard work and views pressure as a positive energy that builds courage to overcome any oppositional or personal obstacles. However, he must be careful as this intense view can sometimes spill over into provocation and, although unintentional, he can offend in his attempt to get things done.

But, Chris’ heart is always in the right place and his faith truly enlightens every Baron regardless of personal belief. 


Our rebound extraordinaire, Chimere possesses immense talent and pride in what he does. A key receiver under the basket, Chim is most effective at finishing the play and ensuring any errors are corrected in the final moment to secure that basket.

Chim’s painstaking conscientiousness often sees him approaching the refs post-foul to argue his point, stand his ground and scrutinise any and every questionable decision. Although, this quality control can see him losing focus at times and cause his worry to dominate his performance.

Evidently taking his perfectionism to extremes, Chim always gives everything to the game and over time has developed a balance between unnecessary examination and moving on from unpopular calls. He knows his key position in the team and will never let a rebound go unattended, even if this means he can only scream from the bench.


Justin is back to bore you with some business… 

Everyone has a role to play. Each Baron has been part of a team their whole life. We all know that it doesn’t work without everyone pulling their wright. Your teammates challenge you every day, they force you to take risks, they give you an added sense of responsibility, they are the people you bounce ideas off. A team at the end of the day is a support system that pushes for the benefits in your potential. 

I ventured into business alone; I needed to handle everything alone. I was head of sales, head of marketing, head of operations, our accountant, our cleaner, our everything. It’s not sustainable, it’s like asking one of the men above to play the a game against five opponents and win. No! Although that may work, it will neither be productive nor beneficial. It takes a team of people with a common goal and a few bumps in the road to prevail and succeed. 

How do you fit into a team?


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