#1 takes centre stage next! Who he be?

Name: Christopher Armar

Height: 6’4

Nationality: American

Age: 25

Idol Player: Kobe Bryant

Prep Track: Really Got It- Jerreau

Greatest Moment: ‘When I won my first official championship in the boys select 3rd grade basketball league post-season tournament, where I was named MVP.’

Outlook: ‘Even though I work hard to stay fit and physically prepared to lead the team, I take a mind over matter approach to the game.’

Faith is the cornerstone in Armar’s life and his trust in a higher power is what pulls him through, game after game. That determination and talent you see on court, yeah that’s years of training, but most importantly, that was given to him by God and he appreciates this every single day.

Chris Stats 2

Take a moment today to reflect on what and who you are thankful for!

Stay tuned for the next instalment and watch out for #1 in the highlights- keep hitting them 3’s Superstar 🙂


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