First of all, you have my sincerest apologies for not updating during the week, it’s been manic to say the least- think I’m running on caffeine and sugar as oppose to sleep. I was hoping to deliver a brand new, all-star player profile but unfortunately last week’s cancelled practice meant that wasn’t possible and this week… well, this week I did make it to practice and then completely forgot to take the one picture I actually needed. Anyway, this week, we’re taking a look behind the scenes so to speak, yeah the Barons aren’t only there to look pretty on court!

With the best intentions in mind, I always encourage and highly appreciate team input into everything from highlights to those vital profiles, I mean, who wouldn’t want ten opinions instead of one? This leads to some interesting proposals to say the least. Let’s review…

Chim (#4) has proved to be extremely well versed in the art of highlight music, yes, he definitely outdid himself with Seven Nation Army, woop woop. However, the fame may have gone to his head a little as the current hype over the Black Panther movie saw him requesting ‘X’ by Kendrick Lamar… Haha, I break out into a nervous sweat just contemplating what would have gone down had I covered the highlights with such profanity. My job would have been had and my life probably ended, just a little. To be fair though, the highlights would have been on point with that track! So, I let it slide, and he still has permission to suggest.

Now, Nas (#8) really loves watching himself in the footage, over and over AND over again. Spending six hours of my Saturday hearing ‘I’m Nas, I’m great’ is precious time I can’t get back. However, Nas’ ego actually proved extremely helpful when he graduated to editor-in-training last week. It even earned him his own slo-mo spot in the first of its kind to hit the highlights. But in all honesty, it really does help to have one of the guys ‘supervise’ (mess up) the edit as I have no clue (okay by now, I have a minor clue) what’s going on.

Then there’s Justin… oh Justin (#7). He recently purchased his very own green screen, which he insists I iron, maybe out of gender stereotyping or just sheer incompetence I’ll never know. If it is the former, more fool him as my mum still makes it very clear that I am not, under any circumstances, to come within two metres of an iron- HA, take that! Anyway, Justin would like this to be the backdrop for his player profile. Imagine, as he suggests, soaring through space holding the basketball out in front of you, planets flying past as you whizz through the solar system. All of a sudden, you are now more excited about pictures of basketball players than you ever have been before… scary, right? It’s okay to picture a Baron shooting through space, we all do it at some point.

There we have it, the round up of what my team does to help me out! Pretty great, am I right?

Now for this week’s game round up. We faced the Brackley Warriors for the second game in a row and third time this season. Probably getting ahead of ourselves, we really thought it would be a no contest type of situation, fired up and damn sure we would sail through. I bet you can’t even contemplate the horror when we were three points down at half-time! It was a reality check and a much needed one at that. The guys played with so much energy, but the hoop just wasn’t our friend in the first two quarters and the resultant tension in the third quarter saw us all getting a little antsy. We used our negative energy for good though, eventually, and pulled away. Nevertheless, it does hurt, to be so helpless behind a camera, watching your teammates’ spirit breakdown, especially when sadness dampens the victory.

That game really took a toll on them. If I could say anything to the guys right now, I would tell them to take a step back. Reflect. Yes, you’re an individual, but you made a commitment to others, not just by being a Baron, but when you first picked up that basketball. Your dad didn’t tell you to just shoot and see what happens, did he? Your brother didn’t leave you in the corner whilst he showed off what he could do, did he? Your coach didn’t gain your admiration by focussing on one player, did he? You didn’t simply ‘join’ the Barons, you are the Barons. This isn’t about you, it’s about us. Maybe we all need to re-evaluate our role and see that the bigger picture we make up is so powerful and only exists because of all of us. We invest our time in each other and improve who we are though this dedication.

Anyway, that’s about all I can muster. Just think about the message and I hope it helps you in some way. If you need me this week, I’ll be taking pictures of Justin in a porta cabin in front of a creased green screen with multiple business enterprise lecturers looking on with unexplainable curiosity.

Just a quick shout out to the ladies who came along to Thursday training, you’re really showing the guys how to play with their heads, not their bodies.


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