This week’s snow storm saw the whole of Buckingham descend into panic and cancelled practice left my Nikon shell shocked and in sheer despair at the absence of sweaty athletes on my SD card.

Due to the lack of new material, this week’s post is dedicated to profiles and my love of the pure emotion behind a facial expression caught off-guard. So, things already started pretty creepy, I mean I follow a team around, film them, take pictures and plaster them all over the internet… now I wait until they’re within a metre of me and point my camera right at their faces. It’s a good job they’re into that.

A facial expression frozen in time is the epitome of beauty. Yeah guys, you’re beautiful- don’t get carried away though, you still need to work on the charm 😉 Making that shot is black and white, you get the basket or you don’t, the seconds that follow, now they’re intoxicatingly psychedelic. That moment is precious, the individual is the only one in the room. You can’t share that moment, nor would you ever want to because at that point in time, being an outsider is a gift.

I have fallen fast a hard for profiles. But, as much as they feed my soul, they break my heart. Turning they’re back to the basket, you feel a player’s self-pity from a missed shot or their elation from a three-pointer, you personally are filled with excitement, you know the moment is here! Wow. You can’t wait to get home to raid the contents of your Nikon’s memory. You press the playback button with all the anticipation in your being only to realise the focus-point was on the guy in the background tying his shoelace. Soul-destroying doesn’t even come close. The sadness is real, maybe I identify too much, but it hurts to lose that moment to the past.

But, and it’s a big BUT, without those unsuccessful pictures, you can never fully appreciate how good it feels to get a shot where you don’t have motion blur distorting the centrepiece of the show! I’d love to say there’s a knack to capturing a crisp profile, but in all honesty, I just pray to the heavens above, close my eyes and press the button. Obviously, the settings are the difference between finesse and failure, and I’m slowly (very slowly) coming to grips with ISO and shutter-speed so this is hopefully in my corner too. There’s also a white-balance button on my control panel which alters the, well, white-balance (makes things brighter) so that’s pretty lit- ha, get it?

In all honesty, this post really hasn’t lived up to a lot. I have so much emotion coursing through my veins when I look at these profiles that I can’t simply describe them; they stay with me. The only way it can be explained is if you feel it too. You have to appreciate the lines on their faces, the transparency in their eyes and the vibrancy in their smiles. Have a great day and stare at somebody- it’s worth the restraining order.

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