This post is gonna be another ‘Baron in training’ session. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to take the training wheels off soon… yeah, okay!

So, Wednesday’s game against the Brackley Warriors brought a plethora of flops, fouls and fancy footwork all neatly summarised by #6’s animated reffing assistance (yep, don’t worry Nas we see yah!).

Before we continue though, it’s particularly important to me, and the rest of the guys, to say a big thank you to Coach Wayne for helping us out on court this week as numbers were severely diminished. But that’s not were this shout out ends. I know you’re reading this and we appreciate everything you do; post-game fast food refuelling, endless supplies of Lucozade pick-me-ups, and the best darn mini-bus driving this side of the equator! And yeah, the perpetual cheering in our highlights are all Coach, I mean when the scoring table tells you to move to the other end of the court because they ‘can’t concentrate’, you know you’re one badass Baron. You’re a very special individual and have a place right at the heart of the team ❤ We love you Coach.

Anyway, back to it. Travelling. Brace yourself, Wikipedia is about to offer up its contribution. Okay, so travelling is categorically, under all circumstances, illegal. However, it is not simply moving 1 or 1.5 steps without dribbling the ball, no no, it is ‘the illegal movement of an established pivot foot’. Damn those pivot feet, why they gotta be like that? After reading ‘the first step occurs after the second’, realisation that this may not be the most productive site saw me switching sources- Wikipedia got sassy real quick

The next site wasn’t much better, I’m seriously starting to think the problem may lay with me, would all sport rule definitions tickle me this much? So, when a player ‘picks up his dribble’ (oh come onnn!!) or receives a pass, they have to use their pivot foot to turn. If the player jumps to shoot or lifts the pivot foot to pass, but lands again, still in possession of the ball, this is considered a travel.

Phew, this is extremely complex stuff. The ‘jump stop’ allows a player to jump off with one foot and return to the floor on both, but this MUST occur simultaneously, or it is considered a travel too. Now the two ref thing makes perfect sense, one to watch the exact timing of each player’s feet, and the other to make sure he doesn’t bump into anything. Seriously though, this must be a seriously difficult call to make.

Then, the more miscellaneous side of travelling be like; a player cannot sit down whilst holding the ball, a player without the ball is permitted to slide to his hearts content, and if they decide to lay down, they must dribble the ball first before rising. Okay maybe it didn’t read exactly like this, but my mind prefers it this way. Just take a minute, you’ll get it too, you won’t be any more knowledgeable about basketball, but the carnage occurring in your head right now is worth it.

Hey, maybe I’m getting this basketball thing after all. Guys, watch out, you dare lift that pivot foot and I’ll be on you like a tone of bricks.


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