Sometimes in sports, and life in general, things happen that we just can’t control. The opportunity arises and we make our move, initiate that play, we feel in control. But then, the guy falls through the door and events have taken a sudden turn…

Our Tuesday night game against the MK Wolves was one of those situations. Armar made the perfect block, well in my eyes at least, we need to review the legality of blocks in a future post, and subsequently got fouled for his efforts. As the Wolves’ #3 came in quick, turned and went for the lay up, Armar saw his opening and merely raised his hand in a timely manner, ‘gently’ swiping the basketball from his opponent’s possession. In that split second, the direction of where the basketball will end up is anyone’s guess, so, the unfortunate events that unfolded post-block ought to have been ruled kosher simply by the laws of physics.

Alas, this was not the case as the sheer velocity of that ‘gentle’ block saw #3 taking a hit that sent him hurtling towards the edge of the court, when, as if by magic, the doors swung open breaking his fall. You see, even our court has heart. Okay, maybe this isn’t exactly how it happened, but our players and the footage will attest to the incident being caused solely by the basketball and I have to side with them on this one.

So, your opposition is on the floor, outside the doors of your turf, in a shaken state. How do you react? Well, Armar and Brown valiantly came to the rescue, helping the injured to his feet; Coach maintained his composure and remained professional throughout; Chim… Chim lept off the bench, yelling ‘get out of our court’ at the top of his lungs. As you can see, the moment just takes you and you have that split second to react. We can’t fault somebody for the bottled-up adrenaline and love they have for their team, especially when that team does lend a hand when it really matters. I mean, I’m not in the clear either, the footage is shaky for a reason, I was literally doubled-over in hysterics at this point. But none of our reactions had the intent of being malicious, we are just emotional by nature.

The lesson we ought to take is one of how to react in a sportsman-like manner when events go awry. Sports, basketball in particular, are made up of the collective decisions of multiple individuals. When you put these together, the unexpected is inevitable, you can never anticipate what will happen just like you can never predict an outcome. Emotions will run high, just as a result of the ramped-up adrenaline alone, but it is imperative that you keep the best interest of your team and the opposition in mind. The sport you play can be a major part of your life, however, it should never be YOUR life. Once you loose sight of humanity and the basic principles of respect, your integrity as a person is compromised and others may not view you as the stand-up guy you once were. So, yes, maybe some of us are guilty of cracking a little smile at this event, maybe we did watch it on repeat, but we never once held any hateful emotions towards the opposition. There is a balance between oversensitivity and sheer obnoxiousness, and I think the Barons are so damn close to perfection with this. Sports ought to be light-hearted, it helps to lighten the mood in tense situations and can even give the opposition a little boost.

Now, I don’t think it would be fair to comment on the Wolves downfall without highlighting how many times we hit the floor. I mean, Barons were flying left, right and centre this game… actually, we do most games. I’ve been learning from the team that it’s easier to add a little slide to your fall to help break it, but to be honest, I just think the slide adds the perfect moment of tranquillity to the intensity of the highlights. Of course that’s the real reason for this, they simply want that five seconds of fame.

To round up. The Wolves played a commendable game and really did put us through our paces. Unfortunately, our mental connection was unbreakable and our #10 was on fire!! The Barons still dominate the top of the league with a 78:58 win and are getting psyched for next week’s game against the Brackley Warriors. Let’s Go!!!

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