After a soul crushing loss to the MK Knights, it’s safe to say the Barons bounced back on Tuesday with added pzaz!! Our first basket scored in under two minutes (Armar isn’t #1 for nothing) and the points just kept rolling in, a fifty-point gap at the final claxon completely obliterated any memory of last Monday’s blues.

As usual, there were a few belly slides across the floor and frequent whistle blowing, but this was actually a significant reduction compared to previous matches, so guys I’m proud of you. We had no serious injuries, no foul outs and nobody was pulling any plug this week. Although, there has been quite the debate surrounding a foul called on #10 (Thomas) in which he allegedly ‘carried the ball’, when everybody knows that’s how he dribbles, right? Maybe the difficulty of drawing the line between a player’s traits and actual fouls has potential for its own blog post. I’ll just have to stare intensely at the guys until I become accustomed to their habits on the court- not creepy in the slightest-before I can make any informed decisions.

Moving on… With spirits elevated, and a cheesy grin plastered on every Baron, it was prime time to drop the subject of a team photo that the sports office had been angling for. Asking for an interview was scary enough last Monday, I wasn’t about to demand they all arrange themselves accordingly and smile into a Nikon-I would have been walking back to campus. So, with two dashing rows of chipper players we got a shot worthy of Sports Illustrated. Then someone had the brilliant idea of putting me in the middle… maybe some hilarious attempt to point out the height difference, I don’t know, but my family sure did get a kick out of that one.

We kept our composure, kept the pace, and stayed in tune with each other. That mental connection I kept banging on about last week, well, it’s back! Now, we just have to repeat it on Tuesday when we take on the MK Wolves.

Anyway, I’ll leave it short and sweet as it is my second post of the day, and I still haven’t got a clue on how to report a game in a way that will keep you all engaged. But, I’m learning and trying my best to become NBA savvy. So, if you stick with me, we can work through this together. I’m going to need all the help I can get.

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