Unfortunately, a title all too familiar to this team… and its photographer. After reading countless articles on sports photography, the most recurring musing to pull from it all was that I’m going to take a hit, quite a few hits actually. You see, to get ‘the shot’ you have to literally be in the middle of it, like dead centre. So, on that note, allow me to introduce this Sunday’s post; we adjust to change, we realise camera stuff is expensive and most importantly, we appreciate concrete walls do hurt.

Thursday night brought about this term’s first club practice and an opportunity to size up the ‘newbies’. The first team put these unfamiliar beings to the test, they watch with intensity and suspicion, picking out any hint of potential that may warrant the sacred Tuesday session invitation. Nahh, in all honesty, events couldn’t be more different! The Barons are the most welcoming group of individuals you could hope to encounter in a deserted school at 8pm on a Thursday. Their approach is relaxed and, really, their awareness of being in the first team goes out of the window. Although my novice opinion counts for little when referring to skill, the new members seemed damn good and extremely well integrated by the end. Without making any hasty predictions, I think there may be real potential to expand the first team this term, only time will tell, but you’ll be the first to know if you continue to tune in.

Injuries. Where do I begin? We’ll take it allll the way back to my horror at discovering how much a telescopic lens costs for a Nikon camera. Let’s just say the ‘travel the world’ loose change jar has been renamed ‘never gonna happen hun’. Currently, I possess your standard 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G and a 35mm 1:1.8G. The latter I was tricked into thinking would be the holy grail of all things photography. But nope, again my research led me astray. It is a fine lens, don’t get me wrong, the quality is sharp, the aperture is FAST, but the zoom… well, there isn’t any!! Who knew that’s what the single ‘35mm’ meant- now I do. Now you have the background information to my extremely bold, somewhat stupid, and completely not calculated decision to descend from the balcony and step foot on the side-line. There’s a reason sports photographers have so much equipment, it has nothing to do with the quality of the picture, no, it acts as a bloody good barricade when you have 14st of athlete hurtling towards you… and their entourage… twice. After the second hit and a helpful voice shouting ‘I think you should move from there’- yeah you don’t say genius!- I took the hint and relocated to the store cupboard which provided the perfect escape route when needed. It really is catch-22, I hate being in the way, so much, but you really won’t get the shot if you can’t at least attempt to put yourself out there a little. So this one goes out to the team, I am whole-heartedly sorry that I get in the way, it embarrasses me just as much as it makes you lot cringe, believe me. But, I kinda get a buzz from the adrenaline, in which case I only ask one thing, that you tell me to back down once in a while and kindly direct me to the nearest emergency room when I finally hit the deck. Thank you 😊

On a final note, after some rescheduling, we have our first game of the term tomorrow against the MK Knights first division. Apparently they’re not too shabby either, so mental preparation is a must for this one!! I know they got this, but they really need to know it too. Again, confidence seems to be the Baron’s vice, they have the skill to pull this off, but must realise this. Switch off the doubt and just do what you know, have faith in your work and the rest will come. It’s easy to say this when you’re behind the camera, but remember, I see you too!

Good Luck guys!



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