It’s Monday, the start of a new week, anything is possible, all prospects are positive! Well, actually for students, Monday only serves as time to work out who is to blame for the appalling decision to go out on a Sunday night. Reluctantly dragging yourself out of bed to scavenge those groceries you needed two days ago, the world seems overwhelming and just too loud. Students will empathise, parents will question what their money is being spent on and the Barons, well, the Barons will be on the court!

These guys have telepathic senses, like some serious superhero shazzam, it all starts with one, then the rest gravitate towards the court- quite the spectacle to watch unfold. I mean, technology may have something to do with it, but it’s still pretty amazing. You don’t come across this type of unit everyday. They emanate from ALL walks of life, yet have this connection and flow on the tarmac that puts fibre optic broadband to shame.

Anyway, as is usually the case, I could hear the guys before I could see em. You see, my room literally over looks the court by some strange coincidence, so they really can’t get rid of me. So I had this brand new Nikon that I still have no real grasp on how to use- the perfect photography blog right here!- and absolutely no intention of doing anything remotely productive that day. Timidly asking if they mind me taking their picture will never get any less nerve-wracking, and crouching in the corner trying to look like a pro will always be the scapegoat. 

2hrs later and I’d succeeded, well I had 290 average-quality pictures. It turns out you can’t just point and shoot with these things- go figure. Nevertheless, the session was sooo good, this term is going to be one to keep up with. The skill is mesmerising, the energy is immense and the egos are definitely up there too! But there’s no reason not to be confident, confidence is such a vital component in team sports. You need to be comfortable with your decisions as self-doubt will dismantle you slowly. Being a part of a team places extra responsibility on your shoulders, but it also provides you with a safety net and the room to take chances. Risks lead to new possibilities.

Take care of yourself and lean on your team, in whatever form they take!

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