So, I’ve set up a blog about a basketball team half way through the season and you have no idea how we’re doing. Such a rookie mistake, hence this page is always shared with the caption ‘a work in progress’- if it were anymore ‘in progress’ we’d be dismantling the site.

Without further or do, allow me to dedicate this post to catching you guys up, how long you got?

You’re probably wondering who the Barons ACTUALLY are. Well, as individuals, we’ll get to their player profiles at a later point, gotta keep you wanting more somehow. Plus, these guys will loooove their own spot in the limelight, so it’s paramount I give them my undivided attention. Therefore, we’ll keep it strictly team related here.

Starting with the basics, the Barons are part of the wider Northampton Basketball League, typically playing 1-2 games a week against local town teams. Stats wise, we’re doing pretty well… okay okay major understatement, we HAVE NOT lost a game yet, we’re on top form, have immense energy, oh and did I mention we haven’t lost a game? Our rap sheet be like…

Sunday 15th Oct Barons vs MK Wolves 79:45

Tuesday 17th Oct Barons vs MK Knights 2 67:46

Tuesday 7th Nov Barons vs Brackley Warriors  51:41

Sunday 12th Nov Barons vs MK wolves 74:57

Tuesday 14th Nov Barons vs Daventry Vikings 86:34

Monday 27th Nov Barons vs Daventry Vikings 75:42

Tuesday 5th Dec Barons vs Wellingborough Phoenix Fire 69:37

Please don’t ask for a breakdown, regretfully my skillset ain’t quite there yet, you guessed it, ‘a work in progress’.

Right, so it’s confirmed that the Barons are on fireee, but what else we got?

Well, on Tuesday February 6th, the guys storm back onto the court to take on the Northampton Falcons. I’d love to outline some reliable professional predications but, as aforementioned, my basketball related vocabulary is still in its early stages (non-existent). The team continue to help me understand, but will probably attest to it being a gruelling process. At that, let me use Chris (#6) to provide a more qualified estimation, he acknowledges ‘we have a lot of challenges next term, but are gonna be on top form’, you see, no worries… but, Chris also calls me a goofball a lot too, so I wouldn’t take it as a given.

Anyway, that pretty much wraps up last term. All that remains is our journey to the top. See you courtside!

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